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Small Businesses

We provide practical, friendly and effective advice to small businesses. We can work with you on a one off or regular basis. The benefits we bring are years of experience in working with growing organisations but with a personal and approachable style.

We act as a sounding board and a catalyst for new ideas.

Ask for an initial free discussion – you may be surprised.

How do I?

When a business is growing it uses up more cash and generates more work for all its staff.  This often means that resources within the business are stretched to capacity. Sometimes this can result in a reduction in control within the business which is often typified by increasing costs, reducing profitability, or increased paperwork and administrative tasks.

We can help manage these issues by considering and implementing the following:

  • clarifying business objectives and strategy and ensuring that everyone is pulling in the same direction.
  • accurately forecasting cash requirements and ensuring that the business is appropriately funded.
  • ensuring that the management information systems are suitably developed.
  • reviewing job costing and budgeting to make sure that all activities are profitable.
  • creating systems for controlling costs and streamlining administrative processes

Your employees are a key contributor to the success of your business. We can help with identifying how to improve the performance and motivation of your team. This can be through organisational planning to identify key training and development needs across your business, or through individual skills analysis to work out what each individual needs to perform to their best.

We all have different learning needs and a varied approach to how we best address those. Our approach is tailored to your specific needs, be it one to one coaching and mentoring or team workshops.

As individuals take on management responsibilities they will need to develop a range of skills, knowledge and behaviours. We are experienced in working with new and existing managers to develop into effective managers and leaders.

For more information on developing your team click here

Any business may require additional finance, when the business is growing or at times when sales are falling.  Bridge Consulting can help you to develop your business plan and to use it to forecast how much funding you require and when you will need it.

Bridge Consulting helps over 40 businesses each year and as a result has excellent relations with all types of funding bodies.  Funding products include;

  • loans
  • grant funding
  • factoring
  • leasing
  • equity

Bridge Consulting can assist your business to identify the best overall package and to help you negotiate terms with the financiers.

Whilst our services are usually provided with an agreed fee we are able to work with a success related element if appropriate.

Are you thinking of setting up a new business but are unsure of what is involved?

Bridge Consulting has provided the advice and support required to over 100 fledgling businesses as they take their first steps toward trading.

Typically the assistance we provide involves:-

  • Working with you to ensure that your business plan suits your objectives.
  • Considering the skills required to run a business and ensuring that all the necessary skills are available.
  • Reviewing and challenging sales assumptions to confirm that they are realistic.
  • Making sure that the operational details are efficient and practical.
  • Considering legal issues of trading and employment.
  • Developing detailed financial forecasts and considering tax implications.

There are many aspects to running your own business which at first may seem daunting.  The support provided by Bridge Consulting will ensure that these initial concerns will not be a barrier to you taking your first steps in developing your business idea.

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