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Developing You and Your Team

Your employees are a key contributor to the success of your business. We can help with identifying how to improve the performance and motivation of you and your team. This can be through organisational planning to identify key training and development needs across your business, or through individual skills analysis to work out what each individual needs to perform to their best.

Typical examples of the assistance that we have provided to organisations in the past include:-

  • Bespoke training events for groups
  • One to one coaching and mentoring with key individuals
  • Organisational planning to identify key learning and development needs.
  • Management development workshops for identified teams.

One of the key features of our approach is to provide practical tools that individuals can implement in their day to day roles and that can be make an impact on an ongoing basis. Clients can identify the clear progress made following our input.

More specifically we have worked with organisations in both the private and third sector in developing teamwork, motivation, giving and receiving feedback, developing leadership skills, emotional intelligence, managing change,

We are also able to provide business training on finance, business strategy and marketing.

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